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Research and development

 Our technologies, starting with “shellac refining” reached the top levels of different fields.
  Our company technologists who propose new projects based upon core technologies and approved to plan are instrumental in taking a central role in developing such ideas from basic research up to application and completion in accordance to pursuing the needs of the market. This is in combination with universities, endowed institutions, etc.

Natural product developing group

 The natural raw material “shellac” that we have been researching and developing since the establishment of our company is used in a variety of fields, such as food, medicine and manufacturing industries.
“Shellac” is a secretion by small insects, and wide research and development from basic research to new and novel uses are being carried out by our company using shellac.
Top quality products improved at the refining level are completed and gain public favor.Further, we are separating and refining functional substances useful for health from naturally derived unused materials from all over the world. We are investigating physiologically active substances and developing industrialized processes based upon basic technologies cultivated with shellac so as to make effective use of unused resources.

Developing group for special high functional chemical products

 We established very unique product groups by undertaking technological development of organic synthetic surface-active properties. This was principally through radical copolymerization and technological development of soap-free fine particle dispersion of nano- to micro-order. This was based upon the basic technologies of shellac to graft-polymerize, a styrene monomer in water into a stable emulsion.
At present, the development of a structure controlled polymer, principally through living radical polymerization reaction for organic high polymer synthesis, a development of functional dispersions exhibiting new performance for fine particle dispersion, etc, are being performed. This is done by further expanding the respective core technologies.

Further, the A&H series in which the technologies of synthesis and dispersion are combined together are adding extra value to users through proposal type research and development.