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Synthetic Resins

Our history with synthetic resin products started in the printing ink field, which was the typical application for our core natural resin product of shellac. In trying to meet the needs of improving and developing the utility of conventional shellac, we learned about styrene grafted shellac emulsion as a shellac modification technic. Here is where we entered the field of synthetic resins.

Currently, we utilize various chemical reactions, from reactions at atmospheric pressure to applied pressure reactions; from bulk, solution, and suspension polymerization to emulsion polymerization and more, with a focus on radical polymerization reactions. We then apply functional polymers with functional groups to the central axis. The resultant graft polymers and various fine polymer materials have won the praise from customers and users for meeting their needs.

In terms of applications, we have a variety of resins available: pigment dispersion resin for water-based printing ink, let-down emulsions and resins for water-based overcoat varnishes. In addition to the printing field, we have also made advances in the electronic materials field, in the field of sizing agents for inorganic textiles, and the cosmetics field, etc., and we have received high praise from customers and users with all types of needs.

Basic Technology

In order to completely achieve our goals, we have combined latest separation analysis technology with fundamental fine chemical synthesis technology.

Integrate various functional groups.
Changes in molecular weight
Controlling molecular weight distribution
Controlling particle size
Controlling molecular structure



1. Highly functional resins Alkali-soluble resins
Reactive resins
Water dispersion media resins
2. Molecular structure controlling resins



1. Highly functional emulsions and dispersions Alcohol dilution stability
Improving various properties
2. Composite polymeric emulsions
3. Ultra-fine polymeric dispersion



1. Coating properties Water resistant, water-repellant, heat resistant
Abrasion resistant, weather resistant, re-soluble
Glossy, transparent, cohesive properties
Anti-blocking, scratch resistant, solvent resistant, slip resistant
Drying properties, chromogenic
Metastatic, adhesive properties
2. Colloidal properties Chemical stability, freeze-thaw stability
High thermal stability, pigment miscibility
Mechanical stability, dilution stability
Fluidity, compatibility