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Synthetic Resins AQURYS & EMUPOLY

Synthetic Resins Inspired from Shellac Extraction and Purification

GSM entered the synthetic resin market with its styrene grafted shellac emulsion for the ink printing industry. This came about as a result of our experience of shellac resin use and application research and development.

The technology continues to advance and these days you’ll find various types of chemical reactors at our plant.

Our speciality is radical polymerization. We have been developing new functional chemicals which have come about from the process of radical polymerization. Our graft polymer and fine polymer are highly valued by our customers..


From atmospheric to applied pressure

Our facility has both atmospheric pressure reactors and applied pressure reactors. That enables to conduct:

Bulk polymerization
Solution polymerization
Suspension polymerization
Emulsion polymerization


From printing ink, electronic materials, textiles, to cosmetics

Application examples

Pigment dispersion resin for water-based printing inks
Emulsions and resins for water-based overcoat varnishes
Sizing agent for inorganic textiles

Applications and Functions

for coating
  • water resistant
  • heat resistant
  • abrasion resistant
  • weather resistant
  • re-soluble
  • glossy
  • transparent
  • cohesive
  • anti-blocking
  • scratch resistant
  • solvent resistant
  • slip resistant
  • drying
  • chromogenic
  • metastatic
  • adhesive
for colloid
  • chemical stability
  • freeze thaw stability
  • high thermal stability
  • pigment miscibility
  • mechanical stability
  • dilution stability
  • fluidity
  • compatibility

Our brands



1. Highly functional resins
alkali soluble
water dispersion media
2. Molecular structure controlling resins



1. Highly functional emulsions and dispersions
alcohol dilution stability
boost various properties
2. Composite polymeric emulsions3. Ultra-fine polymeric dispersion