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Precision Dispersions HIGH FLAT & High-Disper

GSM offers high-performance functional chemicals

GSM develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality functional chemicals to the automotive, construction, electronics, packaging and publishing industries around the globe.

Our technologies have been developed over a lifetime of experience of shellac extraction and purification. Gifu Shellac Mfg. has combined synthetic resin and resin dispersion in order to create new, chemically functional products.

These include: functional decorative polymers; structure controlled polymers; soap-free dispersion polymers. We focus on creating new products that work both for the benefit of our customers and for the environment.

Precision Dispersions

If you are looking for a resin and pigment that disperses with accuracy and with a colour consistency then we can help.  We have a wide range of solvent-based as well as water-based dispersions.


1. Easy to use and easy to mix.
2. Warm-look matting with excellent texture
3. Silky texture without blushing
4. Excellent slip with scratch resistance
5. Exceptional anti-blocking
6. Uniformed particle dispersion

Applications & Functions

for paints
1. matting
2. scratch resistance
3. anti-blocking
4. slip
5. pigment dispersion (easily)
6. pigment dispersion (evenly)
for inks
1. friction and abrasion resistance
2. pigment dispersion
3. freshness retaining
4. anti-blocking


for others
1. lubricant
2. mold release

Our representative brands

High Flat

No need for additional dispersions.


Adhesive resin for PP.

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