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Precision Dispersion

 Our precision dispersion technology was developed from fine particle dispersion of shellac wax, which includes shellac resin. This technology allows us to conduct wet dispersion of various materials, from different types of waxes to special function resins. We are proud to offer world class technology for both solvent and water based dispersion. In addition, our production technology can adapt to various needs, as we have established an automated control production system that can control the various functions.

 Our company dispersion products are used as additive agents that offer functions such as: matting effects, slip effects, scratch resistant effects and a non-sedimentation and non-flocculation effects on pigments. Specifically, our additive agents are used for paints, inks and other types of coatings, and we have received high praise from not only our domestic customers but from overseas.

 Recently, the number of customers requesting environmentally friendly products is increasing, and we can offer them an eco-friendly product line-up of water based dispersion products and powder products that are not only gentle to the earth but safe for people as well.

High Flat

 Our High Flat products do not use any additive agents to help dispersion, etc., and are the dispersion of polyethylene or other substances.


 Our Hi-Disper products do not use any additive agents to help dispersion, etc., and are the dispersion of substances besides polyethylene.

High Flat & Hi-Disper


1. Good workability and only need to be stirred or mixed in.
2. Have a good texture, warm and a good matting effect.
3. The surface does not whiten but has a good transparent silk surface and matting effect for coating.
4. Works as a slip agent and is recognized to also improve scratch resistance.
5. Noteworthy for its anti-blocking effect.
6. Has good warkability because it does not clog up during filtration resulted from having a uniform
particle size and a good disperse ability.
It does not sediment or separate differing form other inorganic matting agents.


1. Additive agent for coating Matting agents Agents for improving scratch resistance
    Anti-blocking agents Slip agents
    Agents used to prevent the sedimentation of pigments Agents that help pigment dispersion
2. Ink additive agents Agents for improving friction or abrasion resistance Pigment dispersion agents
    Agents for improving freshness Anti-blocking agents
3. Other applications Lubricants and mold release agents