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What is shellac?

Shellac is a plant resin secreted by the lac beetle (Laccifer Lacca) which lives on shrubs in tropical and subtropical regions such as Thailand and India. This plant resin is harvested from the trees, processed and then refined into flakes.

Shellac has sealing and barrier properties

Shellac has unique properties and is the only natural resin with a thermosetting property.

It has been used as a seal and barrier coating to prevent moisture loss and to mask taste and odour as well as giving a glossy finish.

Shellac has been used in a number of ways such as a coating for fruit, chocolate, pharmaceutical tablets coatings as well as industrial coatings.

In Japan shellac used to be taken as a herbal medicine. In China, India and Southeast Asia, on the other hand, shellac pigment was used as a dye.

Shellac is also known as an enteric coating and resists stomach acids. So shellac-coated tablets are used to deliver an active ingredient to the small and large intestine.

Shellac is a non-toxic, natural and organic ingredient which is accepted as a food additive in the USA (FDA), Europe (E904) and Japan. Shellac is edible and biodegradable and so environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is generally regarded as a non-GMO, Allergen free, Kosher, Halal and vegetarian ingredient.

Why our shellac?

Safe and High-Quality Purified and Decolourised Shellac with Unique Properties

Gifu Shellac Mfg. has laid out a thorough control system for the entire supply chain. We ensure the quality and safety of our product life cycle, from raw material plantation to product delivery to our customers.

We work closely with farmers to ensure that the raw materials are harvested in a sustainable and ethical manner. So we are vertically integrated in our supply chain.

GSM’s patented shellac purification method enables us to provide a consistently safe shellac flake of the highest quality for our customers around the globe. We purify shellac colour with an organic solvent, which is an environmentally friendly technology. This means no toxic residue is found in our products and production processes.

Gifu Shellac is the only company in Japan to own a license for manufacturing shellac as pharmaceutical additives in Japan.

Safety and Quality Matter

Gifu Shellac Manufacturing has commissioned toxicology tests at a GLP laboratory in Japan. These tests were required by EFSA for all shellac producers. We have conducted toxicology tests for our product. This is a regulation in Europe. We are committed to providing our shellac as a food additive throughout the world.

Product Portfolios

Food and Pharma Additives

Gifu Shellac Mfg. offers both food additive and pharma additive grades. We have two different types of shellac; purified shellac and decolourised shellac. Our organic shellac meets the requirements of FDA, EFSA, EP as well as those of the Japanese authorities.

Purified Shellac (wax-containing or dewaxed)

After removing impurities from the raw material, shellac still contains wax. If the wax retained, this is referred to as wax-containing shellac, whereas if the wax is removed, this is called dewaxed shellac. GSM has only dewaxed shellac.

Decolourised Shellac (colours)

Shellac has its own colours, which will affect the finishing look of your final products. By using an organic adsorbent, its pigment is physically removed. This not only removes its colour but also preserves its quality and its essential properties. A lighter colour signifies a higher grade.

We offer three excellent brands:

1. dewaxed shellac
2. purified shellac
3. dark colour (natural shellac colour)
4. for any applications*
PEARL Series
1. dewaxed shellac
2. purified and decolourised shellac (removed the pigment using an organic adsorbent)
3. lighter colour
4. for any applications*


TPS Series
1. dewaxed, purified and decolourised shellac
2. from dark to light colour
3. reduced bitter taste of shellac**
4. developed especially for high-end chocolates

*There are many uses for shellac. However, we are specialised in food, feed, confectionary, pharmaceutical and food supplement applications.

**Although Shellac is regarded as tasteless it does contain a certain bitterness which we remove so that you taste nothing but the chocolate.


Our finished shellac is in flake form.

Shellac is, generally speaking, a natural, organic, non-toxic, non-GMO, allergen free, Kosher, Halal and vegetarian ingredient.   

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