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We develop, manufacture and supply organic shellac, botanical ingredients, synthetic resins and additives in Japan and China. However, Our markets are not limited to Japan and China as we export to countries throughout the world to countries such as Mexico, Germany, England, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, U.S.A., China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong and India.

GMS has supply partners in Germany, England, France, Indonesia, U.S.A., Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, China, Belgium and South Africa.

GSM Group

Gifu Shellac Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Uzura Plant (Headquarters)

Address: 1-41 Higashi-Uzura, Gifu, 500-8618 Japan

Phone: +81-58-272-0831

Fax: +81-58-272-0704

Ikeda-Shirotori Plant

Address: 143 Shirotori Kitade, Ikeda, Ibi, Gifu, 503-2413 Japan

Phone: +81-585-45-8088

Fax: +81- 585-45-4995

Ohno-Uguisu Plant

Address: 548 Kugo Sannotsubo, Ohno, Ibi, Gifu, 500-0555

Gifu Shellac Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-41 Higashi-Uzura, Gifu, 500-8618 Japan

Phone: +81-58-272-0832

Fax: +81-58-272-0704

Gifu Chemical New Material (Nantong) Co., Ltd.

Address: 3 Yongshun Rd, Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area, CHINA

Phone: +86-513-8916-3250

Fax: +86-513-5101-8537

Shanghai Branch

Address: Room 303A, 3rd F, No.227 Dongzhuanbang Rd, Shanghai



Shenzhen Branch

Address: Room 1927, 4th Hongfalingyu Garden, Baoanzhongxin District, Shenzhen