About Us|Gifu Shellac Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Message from Our CEO

In 1947, just after the end of the Pacific War, GSM started a shellac production line in Gifu, Japan. Today, we have been manufacturing our products, mainly various coating ingredients, for over 70 years.

Our chemicals have been used as paint ingredients in plastic products such as packaging prints, smartphones, video game consoles, vapes and laptops both in the Japanese market and throughout the world. Our headquarters is in Japan with a subsidiary also in China. GSM is expanding globally.

In addition to coating ingredients we have started to extract polyphenols from plants for the health industry. This business is growing and, as always, we remain flexible to change to meet our customers’ demands.

Our environment has been changing and will continue to do so. At GSM we embrace change. We look forward to growing together with you.

Masaru OGI (President & CEO)